Dominoes of failures

Hi. Writing a post after a long time. I learnt a lot during this period and started doing lot of things. This time around I applied for the YLP programme of ISB. Unfortunately I didn’t get selected in the interview. But I knew the result to some extent. Now the amazing part of the journey of application was that I got to understand my current position and how could that be made better. The programme consisted of three stages and I was glad that I made through two stages, but the failure in third stage made me realise my shortcomings which I would have been unaware of if I had not applied. As I had mentioned in my last post of asking question “Have I done anything?”, doing things is really important rather than just lying about cursing your life. The fear of failure is natural and it’s okay to fail but what’s important is trying. Building up your own dominoes of failures allows you to have a glance of what you did wrong and allows you to make it right the next time. Hoping to flip my dominoes of failures and to keep constantly trying.


There’s some work left

Many people often are frustrated with their habit of not completing things. They often complain that they often start some work with great enthusiasm but lose their track midway and hence suffer due to this. I was one of those people. But somehow this time around I decided to change my habit and complete things started by me.

I always wanted to inculcate book reading as a habit but for some reason or other was never able complete a book. Now I did various changes to my schedule that allowed me to turn things around. Firstly, I think a lot of time is wasted by us on social media which includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Now even after knowing this fact I wasted hours on YouTube watching videos. So if you are a YouTube addict then a great way to decrease time on it is to click on options of a video that you typically watch and click not interested. You can give reason as not interested in watching some recommendation or simply not interested in that channel. This stops showing videos that you interested to watch on your wall and gradually you watch less videos. Now similar things can also be done by not subscribing or liking content on other platforms that we usually waste time on. This gives us more time for the activity which we usually cant complete because now that activity becomes more interesting than our YouTube wall.

Secondly it’s better to start small. Earlier I picked up books that were over 300 pages and I could only complete 100 or so before I lost interest. Now I read a book named Jonathan Livingstone Seagull which is only 50 or 60 pages. As I was having great enthusiasm and perseverance in start it was only a matter of couple of days that I completed the book. Now the sense of completion gave me great feeling and I was motivated to read more but again I chose another book with less pages this time around 100. Using this I slowly built stamina and last week completed a book with 310 pages(To kill a mockingbird). Now in this process I also built skills related to that task such as in this case my reading speed improved. Hence you start forming a habit of doing thing that you wanted but couldn’t do.

Thirdly it’s important to find a workaround for things that even after much efforts we are having issues to complete with. For example, I once picked a book that was very depressing, hence I could only read 2/3rd of that book. But what I did was I read summary of rest of the book that was left to get that sense of completion or otherwise I would have again felt the guilt of not completing the book. Now this could be applicable for anything as it is not always possible to complete some things for instance you might want to complete a painting or complete your pending code then in that case it is much better to approach your art teacher or a much more experienced coder to help you through it rather than just leaving it as you have done with previous 10 paintings or codes.

That were all my observations and practical experiments that I have done which helped me greatly and think would benefit the reader too. There is no happiness in the world that could match the happiness of completing an online course and getting it’s certificate or complete reading a 300 page book that you always wanted to read. Hence on this note I would like to end my post and wish that through this habit me and you achieve our goals and fulfill our ambitions.

What Am I doing?

Well that’s a question many of us have asked or have seen people telling they asked themselves during an inspirational talk or tv interview. When I think of this question it feels very absurd to me. I am a guy who is jack of all trades but master of none. Whatever I start I leave it in midway either due to some other necessary and important work coming in or because I lose motivation to do that work. In my earlier post I referred my dream of becoming a GSoCer, which to some extent I still have but I lost motivation to do that. I didn’t have enough skills to continue on the path I was going and hence I first decided to gain skills required and then decide if I would like to become a GSoCer or not. There are many things in life which we feel we would like to do but due to some reason or other don’t pursue it in the end. Now a much bigger question than “What Am I doing?” becomes “Have I done anything?”.When I ask myself this question it becomes very clear where I currently stand in this society. While listening to inspirational talks we easily correlate ourselves to the guy talking and think if he can then even I can. This is good but we often forget the amount of hardwork and dedication put in by that person. I believe a person who has actually done something in life has the right to ask himself “What Am I doing?”. In my case I often feel I haven’t achieved anything. My only motivation to do anything was that it will fetch me money and make me rich so I can enjoy pleasures of life. Money hasn’t been a good motivation in my case. Recently some events happened in my life which totally changed my perspective. I now try to give my 100% effort to whatever I am doing. To ensure that my efforts limit to 100% I constantly try to find new methods and ways so that I gain perfection in what I am doing. I would be really happy and content the day I would be able to ask myself “What Am I doing?”.


Hello World, I am Naman Agarwal, this is the very first post of my blog. Actually I was thinking of starting a blog from quite some time but either got lazy or didn’t have time. But today I decided that no matter what today I will create my blog. Decision I took was because of two reasons.

1. I received my certificate of internship. In summers I did an internship with a NGO working for upliftment of underprivileged children. It was a really exhilarating experience working towards betterment of society and I feel proud about it today.

2. I learned Git today. Now you might be wondering what relation does Git have to have with my blog. But this was my first step towards my dream of being selected in Google Summer Of Code 2017.

Well quite good reasons to start blogging isn’t it? GSoC is about open source development which I am totally new at. Hence looking forward to learn more about open source development and start contributing.